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findItemsAdvanced - search description not working

Hi, We have a number of items listed with 'Good 'Til Cancelled' as the duration. These means that when these items aren't active they retain their itemIDs. Which is easier for us to keep track of them in our own backend system. We would like to sync our items on the backend with the ebay items. We create them on the backend, then send them to ebay via TurboLister. I am then trying to use the EbayAPI - findItemsAdvanced to find our these newly listed items and retrieve their itemIDs. We can't just use the title to find them because they are 'Good Til Cancelled', at some point we may change the title - either on the backend or in Ebay, which means the two would be out of sync. Instead, I though I could put a unique identifier in the description and use findItemsAdvanced with the 'searchDescription' parameter set to true to find them item and therefore grab the itemID. I revised one of our items.... itemID: 231476140116 ... and put the unique identifier of 'SKUexcel1234' at the bottom of the description. However when I run the search it can't find it using the description. I understand that it takes 24 hours for the search to be updated with revised items, but it is now about 40 hours since I revised it, and it still cannot be found. Using the Ebay Search (frontend, rather than API) - it cannot find the item using the unique identifier SKUexcel1234 even when search 'description' is ticked, or even if search 'complete listing' is checked in advanced. Why is this not working? Thank you.
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