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Can't get MAP pricing to work

I confirmed with Advanced Applications Support that our account has the MAP pricing flag enabled. Trying to list FixedPrice items that are subject to MAP pricing. Using the following specifications during my AddFixedPriceItem call: request.Item.StartPrice = new AmountType(); request.Item.StartPrice.Value = Convert.ToDouble(249.99); request.Item.StartPrice.currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo = new DiscountPriceInfoType(); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.OriginalRetailPrice = new AmountType(); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.OriginalRetailPrice.Value = Convert.ToDouble(349.99); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.OriginalRetailPrice.currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo = new DiscountPriceInfoType(); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.MinimumAdvertisedPrice = new AmountType(); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.MinimumAdvertisedPrice.currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.MinimumAdvertisedPrice.Value = Convert.ToDouble(299.99); request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.MinimumAdvertisedPriceExposureSpecified = true; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.MinimumAdvertisedPriceExposure = MinimumAdvertisedPriceExposureCodeType.PreCheckout; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.PricingTreatmentSpecified = true; request.Item.DiscountPriceInfo.PricingTreatment = PricingTreatmentCodeType.MAP; The code above has no effect as it pertains to MAP pricing and the treatment of our starting price (no "see price in cart" or other is shown). The item is simply listed like normal with our starting price. Furthermore we can't even find the item in the gallery no matter how we search for it, yet if we enter the itemID into the search box it brings us to the listing's page, but I do not believe that this page is being displayed in search results for the public. I am at a loss. Can someone shed some light on my ignorance? Have tried multiple versions of the trading API, up to 947. Thanks. Wayne
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