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NPE while getting categories for sideId Russia

Hello, I'm using java sdk version 921 and trying to get all categories for siteId Russia using API getCategories() method call. However I get the following NPE: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.ebay.sdk.SiteIDUtil.toNumericalID(Unknown Source) at at at at at at I can get categories for other countries though. Does anybody know if there is another way to get categories for Russia or how to overcome this exception? Thank you. Best, Anastasiya
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Hi rubart*de, Thank you for reporting the issue. We will look into it. Meanwhile, you can retrieve Russia category information via SDK without using the GetCategoriesCall wrapper class. Here is the code: public class GetCategories_RU { static String TOKEN = "YOUR TOKEN"; static String APISERVERURL = ""; public static void main(String[] args) { DetailLevelCodeType[] detailLevel = new DetailLevelCodeType[]{ DetailLevelCodeType.RETURN_ALL }; //Initialize eBay ApiContext object ApiContext apiContext = new ApiContext(); //Setting the context ApiCredential cred = apiContext.getApiCredential(); apiContext.setSite( SiteCodeType.US); cred.seteBayToken(TOKEN); //set Api Server Url apiContext.setApiServerUrl(APISERVERURL); // Create a raw ApiCall object. ApiCall api = new ApiCall(apiContext); api.setDetailLevel(detailLevel); // Create a raw API request object and config it. GetCategoriesRequestType request = new GetCategoriesRequestType(); try { request.setLevelLimit(4); request.setViewAllNodes(true); request.setCategorySiteID("215"); // Execute the API call. GetCategoriesResponseType response = (GetCategoriesResponseType) api.execute(request); CategoryArrayType catArr = response.getCategoryArray(); CategoryType[] cats = catArr.getCategory(); System.out.println(" apiContext.getRequestXml() >>>>> " + apiContext.getRequestXml()); System.out.println("apiContext.getResponseXml() >>>>> " + apiContext.getResponseXml()); for (CategoryType cate : cats) { if (cate.getCategoryID().compareTo(cate.getCategoryParentID(0)) == 0) { System.out.println(" CategoryID=" + cate.getCategoryID() + " | CategoryName=" + cate.getCategoryName() + " | CategoryParentID= " + cate.getCategoryParentID(0) + " | CategoryLevel " + cate.getCategoryLevel()); } } } catch (Exception e) { //handle exception here } } } Best Regards,
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