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BuyerCancelRequested SetNotificationPreferences error

Hi. I have used the SetNotificationPreferences call to enable a number of event notifications. I have enabled ItemClosed, ItemRevised, BestOffer, FixedPriceTransaction and more, and can use the GetNotificationPrefences call to see what I've enabled and disabled in the UserDeliveryPreferenceArray array. If I send this chunk of xml to the api... ${event} Enable I am successful with the event types I listed above, except when I try and use the event type "BuyerCancelRequested". This is the only event type that is giving me any trouble. According to the docs, there are additional properties needed for this. My understanding with this event is that it is the same event that triggers an email from ebay that says "A buyer wants to cancel an order". Just to show that I have actually enabled and disabled some other events, here is the returned array when running the GetNotificationPreferences call with the Preference Level specified as "User" [NotificationEnable] => Array ( [0] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => FixedPriceTransaction [EventEnable] => Enable ) [1] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => BestOffer [EventEnable] => Enable ) [2] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => ItemRevised [EventEnable] => Disable ) [3] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => ItemClosed [EventEnable] => Enable ) [4] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => BidPlaced [EventEnable] => Enable ) [5] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => FeedbackStarChanged [EventEnable] => Enable ) [6] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => CounterOfferReceived [EventEnable] => Enable ) [7] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [EventType] => BestOfferDeclined [EventEnable] => Enable When I set the PreferenceLevel to "Application", I can see: [ApplicationURL] => mailto: // [ApplicationEnable] => Enable [AlertEmail] => mailto: // [AlertEnable] => Enable [NotificationPayloadType] => eBLSchemaSOAP [DeviceType] => Platform [PayloadEncodingType] => SOAP [PayloadVersion] => 929 I tried rolling back to the 929 version since that was the version that originally pushed the event type in question. I have also tried 931 933 and other versions with no luck. So, when I set the eventType to the ones shown above, those work. It's just the buyerCancelRequested event that I can't enable. The errorcode is #37 and the long message is this: Input data for tag ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationURL> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationURLs> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationEnable> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.AlertEmail> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.AlertEnable> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.NotificationPayloadType> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.PayloadEncodingType> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.PayloadVersion> / ApplicationDeliveryPreferences.DeviceType> / UserDeliveryPreferenceArray.NotificationEnable> / EventProperty> is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation. (NOTE I had to modify that output so that it would show here. I removed the beginning < symbol.) I am literally only changing the text value in the node. BuyerCancelRequested ==> doesn't work ItemListed ===> works just fine. I have tried adding all the optional nodes and changing the order of the xml but I haven't been successful with this yet. Is it possible that the BuyerCancelRequested event has some unknown issue with this? Additional info: The latest entry in the change history for the setNotificationPreferences call is for version 929 and the change date is 2015-06-26 NotificationEventTypeCodeType.BuyerCancelRequested (added): This new enumeration value indicates that a buyer has requested an order cancellation. The WSDL didn't show anything of help and the event type definitions show this: BuyerCancelRequested (in/out) This notification is sent to the seller informing them that a buyer has requested an order cancellation. Thanks in advance for any help. I am happy to supply more information as needed. If anyone can help shed light on this, that would be greatly appreciated.
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