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Problem with TransactionPrice and GetOrders with orders

Consider the following XML query. With it the GetOrders API response will have TransactionPrice as equal with AmountPaid. In other words, they are returned as the same for the sale, which is incorrect for the actual data. This happens with OutputSelector set as shown. A comparable query using GetSellerTransactions returns transaction price vs amount paid correctly. How does one report such a bug without a support charge? YOURTOKEN 30 75 1 Half Shipped PaginationResult PageNumber HasMoreOrders OrderArray.Order.AmountPaid OrderArray.Order.BuyerUserID OrderArray.Order.CreatedTime OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.Item.AttributeArray OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.Item.ItemID OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.Item.SellerInventoryID OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.Item.Title OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.QuantityPurchased OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.PaidTime OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.ShippedTime OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.ShippingDetails.ShipmentTrackingDetails,ShipmentTrackingNumber OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.TransactionID OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.TransactionPrice OrderArray.Order.OrderStatus ReturnedOrderCountActual en_US High
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