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LocalMarket listings

I am trying to set up a local market listing on eBay motors using the guide found here: I keep getting the following errors no matter what category, duration or distance I use: Format not supported. The selected selling format is not available for local listings. Please select another selling format and resubmit the listing. 22148 Error 9 RequestError Invalid duration. The duration 30 selected for the listing category 49993 is not available for local listing. If you have selected Good Till Cancel, please note that only sellers with local market subscriptions are allowed to list with this duration. Please select another duration and resubmit the listing. 22151 Error 30 49993 RequestError Invalid local listing distance. You have specified an unsupported local listing distance. Please use GetCategoryFeatures to view the supported values. 22156 Error GetCategoryFeatures RequestError I am using the .net SDK, and the submitted XML is as follows: ReturnAll c0ea047f-825a-42ab-b575-c0f98f473f30 897 true US USD THIS IS A TEST 25 Days_30 FixedPriceItem Columbia, SC CashOnPickup 49993 1 true eBay .Net SDK test instruction. 1 ShippingMethodStandard 1 2 1 Flat eBayMotors 13999 true 97062 1 true year 2014 mileage 2231 vehicle title Clear MoneyBack 1000 2014 Harley-Davidson® FLD - Dyna® Switchback™ 1HD1GZM14EC305495 I haven't found any code examples out there for Local Market listings, and I'm not sure exactly what attribute I am not defining correctly. I have tried this both in and out of the sandbox with the test and live credentials.
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You need to change the listing type to be the following LeadGeneration Even though [documentation] ( says you should specify FixedPriceItem it does contradict itself at the start with: > Options to list as 'Fixed Price', 'Buy > It Now' or 'Buy It Now + Best Offer' > are no longer available for Local > Market listings. With regards to *LocalListingDistance* this is a bit more complex. First you need to call [GetCategoryFeatures]( to find a list of valid values. For example the following request ... ReturnAll 49993 LocalListingDistances returns the following values 25,50,75,100,200 25,50,75,100,200 200,100 Now the choice of which value you can use will be determined by the status of the seller. The values in [LocalListingDistancesRegular]( are for sellers subscribed to Local Market for Vehicles. The [LocalListingDistancesSpecialty]( can only be used by sellers subscribed to Local Market for Specialty Vehicles. Sellers who have **not** subscribed to either Local Market for Vehicles or Local Market for Specialty Vehicles can only use values returned by [LocalListingDistancesNonSubscription]( Since specify a value of 25 in your request is causing an error I'm guessing that the seller is not a subscriber. You will therefore need to use either 100 or 200. 100
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That did the trick - thank you. Also, this only works with the AddItem and VerifyAddItem, and not AddFixedPrice calls
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