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Why does the Item.QuantityAvailable vary according to where I get it from

I have added a FixedPriceItem, duration GTC, with one variation to one of my Sandbox accounts with an initial VariationType.Quantity = 7. I purchased one item with another Sandbox account and paid for it using a PayPal sandbox account. My eBay web page shows the Item as 6 available 1 sold. If I use the sample code for the GetMyeBaySellingCall() it shows Item.QuantityAvailable = 6, which matches the eBay web page.


If, however I use GetSellerListCall() I get item.QuantityAvailable = 7.

If I use GetItemCall() this also shows item.QuantityAvailable = 7.

If I use GetSellerTransactionsCall() this also shows item.QuantityAvailable = 7.


In all cases the Item.ItemID is the same (110098648501).


I have tried repeating the calls over a period of about an hour in case there's some latency in the system somewhere.


SO - the numb of my question:-

Would someone please explain how the same Item can have different properties for the same field at roughly similar times when no new transactions have taken place?


regards,  Derek


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Whoops! I accidentally ended item 110098648501 I'll re-list it and buy another...

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The ItemID 110098648501 you provided can no longer be accessed, so I can't look at that specific item.  But I will give you some general answers.


GetItem - there are 2 quantities that are returned for this call, Item.Quantity and Item.SellingStatus.QuantitySold.  Item.Quantity is going to show the original quantity for the listing.  So in your case 7.  The Quantity.Sold tag will show how many were sold, so you should be seeing 1.


GetSellerTransactions - there are 3 quantities for this API call:  Quantity, QuantitySold, and QuantityPurchased.  The Quantity will show the original quantity, QuantitySold will show how many have been sold overall, and QuantityPurchased will show how many a particular buyer purchased.  So using the same ItemID you mentioned, respectively the values should have come back 7, 1, 1.


The same concepts and theories apply for GetSellerList also.  You will notice in your GetMyeBaySelling call, there is a Quantity that will show 7, but the QuantityAvailable tag will show 6.  This is the only API in which you mention that contains the QuantityAvailable tag.



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Thanks Josh but I'm still confused - I'm using the C# API GetItemCall gic = new GetItemCall(context);
After checking gic.ApiResponse.Ack == AckCodeType.Success I look at gic.Item.QuantityAvailable and it still has the value 0.

If I drill down to the Variation with

"foreach (VariationType var in gic.Item.Variations.Variation)", its var.Quantity value is still 7 and its var.UnitsAvailable is Unspecified.


Nowhere, with GetItemCall() can I find the value of 6 which I would expect after having sold 1 of 7 items.

I've also used "GetSellerTransactionsCall gst = new GetSellerTransactionsCall(context);" and then

"TransactionTypeCollection ttc = gst.TransactionList;" and then "foreach (TransactionType tt in ttc)" and

"tt.Item.QuantityAvailable" - I assume that the Item returned here will be the same as the Item returned by "GetItemCall(context)".


The Quantity available is critical to my application as I need to update my client's application's current stock figure where stock is sold both on eBay and in their bricks and mortar shop. I then must update the eBay Quantity available figure with the actual stock Quantity available.


Also, the Item 110098648501 is still available - I accessed it just a few minutes ago at:-


best regards,  Derek

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Sorry, I ended that item - I've relisted it as ItemID 110098885324.

Its new ebay page is

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