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Today I was thinking about how we used to communicate - by phone and letter and how we do it now by text Ireland Email List and social media. How have improvements in technology changed the way we interact with others?

Email is wonderful in that it is practically instant. It is free as well. Businesses love it because it enables them to Ireland Email List target and reach a much wider audience. Of course there are rules about spam and bombarding people with unwanted emails. The way to get around that is to ask your customers to subscribe to a list. By doing so they have given you permission to send them emails and they have the option of unsubscribing as and when they wish.

Some people are good at ignoring tricky correspondence. Personally I want to act on things immediately which is not always possible. I hate it when my email inbox fills up. A problem I have Ireland Email List been having at the minute is that I have got a lot of responses to my blog and although some are worthwhile comments others are people trying to sell something - they enter a comment which is generic and really nothing to do with the subject matter of the blog and I have Ireland Email List to spend ages deleting them. I am not sure how to block unwanted comments such as this so I will have to go and investigate that.

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