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GetOrders call brings in incorrect shipping info for international shipping orders

We are in the process of migrating over to eBay's GetOrders API. Previously, we used PayPal APIs to ship our products, but with eBay Managed Payments, that no longer works.

We just received our first order during our transition using the eBay international reshipping program. We are in the US and we get orders like this where we ship to Erlanger, KY, and then a contractor for eBay re-ships to destinations worldwide.

When I use GetOrder to pull in this order, I get the typical XML data. Under "<ShippingAddress>" I am getting this customer's address in the UK. Not the Erlanger address.

If I look at the order on the eBay website, it shows the Erlanger address. I can choose to view the customer's actual address, but when I do, eBay precedes it with "Don’t ship to this address".

Does anyone know how I can get the correct Erlanger address to show in these orders using the GetOrder API? I really don't have any use for customers' actual addresses - just shipment addresses.

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